Cedar Creek Timber

edar Creek Timber began supplying quality bark and wood products in 2004. Since that time, word has spread in the industry and Cedar Creek Timber, and our quality products and services allow us to continue to grow and expand every year.
edar Creek Timber provides quality bark and wood products to customers throughout the Western United States. We provide a full complement of forest by-products.
edar Creek Timber's products are all natural, 100% virgin bark.
edar Creek Timber takes pride in supplying nurseries and landscapers throughout the West. Our customers have come to recognize the value of our products, timely service, and honest business practices.
edar Creek Timber has worked very hard to identify the highest quality bark and soil products available. Our uncompromising efforts have paid off in satisfied customers who return confident each year that they will again have the best product on the market.
edar Creek Timber has established distribution yards throughout California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado to provide timely service to hundreds of customers.